Remote work from home – my desk is the sweetest one

In the previous post, I showed you how important it is where we work (link). Today I would like to show you how important is how this space is arranged. But this time it will not be about feng shui, Marie Kondo method but it will be about ergonomics, plants and bicycles :).

I have where to work. Why think about a desk?

Podobno świat dzieli się na tych co mają porządek na biurku i na tych co.. go nie mają (przy okazji polecam Podcast Polimaty o tym co Twoje biurko mówi o Tobie). Co za tym idzie są ludzie, którzy bardzo skupiają się na tym co jest wokół nich, są też tacy, którzy na to kompletnie nie zwracają uwagi.

In the case of people working remotely, I noticed the tendency to be in the first group. I have the impression that this is due to the fact that our desks are both a conference room, a corridor where we cut a short chat with a friend or just a place to work. Simply – working remotely, we spend more time at the desk.

What else on the desk?

We chose a place to work. It’s time to think about what we will have here;).

The fact that we must have a monitor, chair and laptop / computer is obvious. For me, the must-have list still comes with a usb charger (I am responsible for the quality of mobile applications so I have to have these devices at hand and charged).

Plants are the foundation!

Everybody knows about the health impact of plants on our health. Not everyone, however, had the opportunity to experience how well green leaves can change how we feel in the workplace. There are studies that say that plants increase our productivity from 15-20% . Green color greatly affects our computer-tired eyes. Areca behind the monitor can do wonders :).
If you want to “separate” your workplace at home – large green specimens may be the cheapest way to build a wall – and certainly the wall will be the least “claustrophobic”.

Personally, I can not imagine life for these little green friends, and my room is a mini jungle. However, I am aware that not every one of us wants to bother with watering and taking care of plants, so I will soon write for you an entry about what specimens to choose to have greenery around you and not to waste too much time on it.

Water, water, water!

Recently, I discovered the boon of a water carafe on my desk.

Why do I mention such an obvious thing? I know that more and more people are aware of the importance of permanent hydration during the day (especially when working at the computer). Unfortunately, it is still a small percentage, most people in IT are driven by Coffee or beer :). In addition, when working from home, we do not have an “excuse” to jump with a friend to the kitchen for a glass of water and often forget about it. Therefore, the carafe/bottle with water is our reminder of constant watering :).

And what about the desk?

My favorite topic;). When working in an office, we usually do not have the choice of what kind of desk we want (I usually write because I’m increasingly seeing such a “benefit” in job offers). And for me it is one of the biggest benefits of remote work. In an earlier entry, I wrote that no office gives us the freedom to choose the place from which we work. Now I will add that it also gives us the freedom to choose what we are working on (which is even more important).

Why is it so important?

First of all, our body is sensitive to touch. Leaning your hands on the table, you can have different feelings depending on what it is made of. Imagine if you feel working all day from a desk with a glass surface … and now imagine what feelings the laminate raises …. And now think about a warm solid wood full of texture. Do you understand what I mean? I have a desk with a wooden top from the GMO Design, and I know one thing – I would not trade it for any other.

Secondly, each of us has their own preferences as to the size of the desk, each has a different comfort zone. When working from an office, we usually share a space with someone so we can have a disturbing sense of comfort. Working remotely, we decide what a large desk we want to have and how much space on it should be free.

Work and bike at the same time? Why not?

Po trzecie, to MY wybieramy jak wygląda nasze biurko. Instagram jest pełen zdjęć pięknych miejsc pracy w domu. To jest jeden aspekt, który jest ważny. Drugi jest taki, że mamy możliwość wyboru czy biurko jest siedzące, siedząco-stojące. Gdy zaczęłam swoją przygodę z pracą zdalną wiedziałam, że muszę mieć biurko stojąco- siedzące. Byłam też przekonana, że to szczyt “fanaberii” jakie mogę mieć. Dlatego też wybrałam stelaż do biurka stojącego z Ikei (chyba najpopularniejszy model).

A few months in the “remoties” environment convinced me that this is just the beginning;). Currently, I use a standing-sitting desk with a bicycle function 🙂 but it is possible that soon it will join the treadmill;).
You’ll ask why all this? That probably I fell on my head … Well, no … Working remotely, you usually sit more at the computer than when you work in the office – all meetings take place in front of the monitor screen, not at the express or in the conference room. You also don’t travel from and to the office. That’s why ergonomics is so important. It’s so important to vary your office space. And since you can be at a meeting and a moment to ride a bike at the same time – why not?

I immediately point out that I know people who do not follow these rules completely, and they work in this way for many years – and they live :), but I am convinced that they would live (work) better for them :).

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