Why Remote work isn’t for you?

Remote work for me is a perfect way of life. Unfortunately it is not the same for everyone. I have a lot of friends who don’t decide to work remotely, because they see that it is not a good solution for them. In this post I want to show you “symptoms” that will allow you to decide if remote work is for you.

Your time slips between fingers when you don’t have plan

I see that the most satisfied remote working people are the ones that have great time organization skills.
Usually remote work doesn’t have time boundaries. Usually you work in a team that is asynchronous. That means that you need to organise your work, identify your goals and reach them. In remote work there is a temptative freedom, but also it has a huge challenge: there is no boss that keeps your time. What’s more you need to organise yourself to work efficient in the time you have.

Remote work has a lot of temptations. There a lot of people who slipped on “extending” their work durng whole day. After few months they were burned out without any motivation to work because they didn’t have a time to live a life.

There is also interesting topic regarding time organisation – effective zones in your day. I will write more about it soon.

You need to have “office rituals” like morning coffee and small talks or lunch

Working remotely doesn’t mean you can’t have rituals. But it is true that there won’t have so much contact with your colleagues. Of course, you can grab some lunch with other people. But you must be aware that remote work limits your “social” activities within a company and you might miss that.
I know people who were working remotely and once a week they were riding to their company HQ to see other people. It is a solution but usually – a temporary one.

You focus on the work only when you are in the office.

I am on the opposite side to that symptom – I can focus on my work even on the terrace when nearby my friends are partying (or on the airport – this is how I write this post). But I know that not everyone can work like this. Don’t worry this is just a notice that you must be aware of that, you still can work effectively.

If you are the kind of person that focus only in the specific place (office) – you can create your own office at the house (soon I will write more, how this space should look like). The most important is to learn to work in that space and do not move to other spaces with your work. Then remote work changes to Home Office – but still, it is work outside the office.

If you are the kind of person that gets distracted by the home duties (laundry, cooking, dog, postman) – then you can still work remotely – just use spaces outside the house: coworking, restaurant, coffee place. your friends’ house- your effectiveness will raise.

The most important thing you have to remember is to focus on the work when the work has to be done and then turn off the work when you need to rest. If you see that it might be a problem for you and you will need some “outside” motivation – think if this is work for you.

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