Work From Home – what you should care about?

praca zdalna, praca z domu fakty i mity

If you work from home most of the time, the key factor will be where you will work. It is not only about the room, but also about the conditions.

Przestrzeń do pracy zdalnej, praca z kanapy w domu

The space that surrounds us when we work (and when we want to work effectively) is the most important element that we can influence. He can help us do better what we have to do.

Work from couch? No, thank you!

Freedom in remote work consists of a conscious choice from where we want to work. Most of us, consciously arrange a “work” space in our home. Our freedom is the possibility of choosing where this space is and how it looks.

praca zdalna, praca no office. praca z łóżka

Many people who do not work remotely think that we work from a couch, kitchen or bed.
In the end, we have freedom, so why not?

For several reasons. Working from a couch or bed makes you feel uncomfortable in the long run. Work from the kitchen is distracting – a pile of garbage to clean up, “maybe another cup of coffee?”, “Maybe it’s time for dinner?”.

Work from any place where during the day we have a private life causes the mixing of these two spheres. We disrupt our work-life balance. Being in a place where we should rest (sofa, bed) – we force our brain for mental work *.
Of course, this does not exclude, for example, taking a break from work and, for example, carrying out a videoconference from a couch.

Separate workspace allows you to enter the “work” mode when you need it. It also lets you get out of it quickly when you want to rest. Working from home, our brain does not have such a thing as “time to switch between” these modes because we do not travel between the place of work and the home.

Do you work from home? Remember about stuff behind you!

I care a lot about how I’m perceived at work. That’s why one more argument is important to me – imagine that you are working from the kitchen, living room or bedroom. You are at videoconferences and your colleagues see: stacks of drinks, a bottle of wine, a family hanging around the house or an unmade bed …. This is not just a matter of how you feel about it – it is also a matter of how others feel about it and how they perceive you.

House is not an open space

Many people give up working in the office because they have a “low level of tolerance for noise” – in other words, they like to work in silence. And here, no-office work can be an ideal solution. However, there is one BUT. We will not be able to work if somebody in the house is working in the same room.

I know many pairs where both partners decide to work remotely – and usually, after a short time, one of them starts working with Cowork. Or they are looking for a flat with two separate rooms.

Several factors influence this: firstly, our partner / partner is not a colleague / colleague – so it distracts us otherwise, has other issues / still to be done, which additionally adds noise. In addition, if we work from one room, naturally we can get bored as a couple.

The situation is a bit different when we work from other rooms / levels at home or when, for example, at home there is someone who deals with the child, cleans up or “falls in” for a while. From my own experience and conversations with friends I know that such a situation can be “reconciled” with remote work – provided we can focus (but this is a topic for another entry, which you can read a bit about it here: link )

In short, remote work gives us great freedom to choose a workplace. It depends on us how we use it, planning our “permanent” workplace, it is worth considering the many factors that affect us, not always work with such a view (see below) is perfect.

*Przy okazji, polecam Wam poszperać w internecie jak bardzo komputer i inne rzeczy w sypialnia rujnują nasz sen. Tutaj kilka ciekawych linków:

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